Hello everyone!

Today, My topic is FIND THE WAY

I sure everyone here wondering that:

Why do you choose this topic?

Everyone will choose for themself the way

but what was the way that you really want to go?

For me I want to go around on the world.

I really really want to discover the world

I want to go to learn about various culture and experience.

But before I must learn english.

The english not only helps you find a suitable job

but also opens up a new horizon for you.

It keeps me connected with the world.

To turn my dream into reality

It’s the reason, I’m here.

I noticed my english not good

I want to improve my english skills.

Everyday, I try to spend the least one hour to learn english.

When I felt depressed and wanted to quit

I challenged myself by giving the goals

and I’m trying to complete it.

or I’ll think about my dream.

It’s that help me overcome difficulties.

and It gives me more motivation to learn English.

How about you?

Do you find the way for yourself?

What do you hesitate?

Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Please find the way for yourself,

and determination to go all that way.

Thank you for listening.


Hello everyone!

This is the first i’m used blog and this is my second post.

I’m Hien, i’m from Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, Viet Nam. Now, i want to improve english level myself and i want to find a suitable job.

I want to get acquainted with you.

Nice to meet you, guys.